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The baton gets a red carpet welcome as it reaches world’s smallest republic

NAURU, 7 May 2010: The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi today arrived at the island nation of Nauru, the smallest republic in the world. A red carpet welcome was given to the baton as it reached there early in the morning from Kiribati. The baton was escorted by police personnel from the tarmac at the airport along with the traditional warrior dancers of the island.



The baton was then handed over to H.E president of Nauru, Mr. Marcus Stephen. He was present there along with other eminent political personalities. The president then handed over the baton to the first group of Batonbearers representing 12 tribes from Nauru. Each tribe representative carried the baton towards the Government Office for an official welcome. The Nauru police force led the tribes’ to Government House where the baton was passed to Mr Mathew Batsiua, Minster for Sports which was then followed by a short ceremony.


Later in the day the baton attended a reception hosted by the Government of Nauru.


The Republic of Nauru is also known as the smallest republic in the world. It consists of an oval-shaped coral island of 21.2 square kilometers in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Situated 60 kilometers south of the equator, the island once contained one of the world’s richest deposits of phosphate, a mineral used in making fertilisers.