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 Head boy of Vura School in East Honiara, Solomon Islands holds the baton in front of students
Enthusiasm spreads all over as the baton relays across the Solomon Islands

HONIARA: The Queen's Baton 2010 Delhi brought together almost everyone in the Solomon Islands’ capital Honiara as it traveled across the island nation. The baton visited all the east region schools of Honiara where more than 5000 enthusiastic children got to touch the baton.


The relay commenced early in the morning from the Governor General House with Leban Lokata, President of the Cycling Federation of Solomon Islands who took the baton on a bicycle with three other cyclist to visit the first of 13 schools to be visited.


All the schools welcomed the baton with open arms and children of all age groups stood in a row to welcome the baton. Every school had a different program lined up for the baton; some sang the National Anthem, some school girls performed a Tamure dance and enthusiastic boys played as warriors.


Each had a welcome ceremony, short description on XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and baton’s features and most importantly everybody got to touch the baton and have a photo opportunity. Each school was different but the enthusiasm among the children was the same.


Athletes and industry leaders of Solomon Island were the official Batonbearers for the day, relaying the baton between each school.

Two beautiful Tamure Dancers with the Queen's Baton 2010 Delhi in Kind George VI in East Honiara, Solomon Islands