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The first Queen’s Baton was created for a relay to commemorate the Cardiff 1958 Commonwealth Games in Wales. Since then the Queen’s Baton Relay has become an entrenched games tradition.

The journey of the Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi symbolises the harmony and shared ideals of a Commonwealth of Nations, and will provide a unique opportunity for the entire Commonwealth to share in the excitement of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi will play another important role, in that it carries Her Majesty’s ‘message to the athletes’ from Buckingham Palace to the opening ceremony of the Games.

The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi containing Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘message to the athletes’ will leave Buckingham Palace on 29 October 2009. The baton will arrive at the Opening Ceremony of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi some 11 months later on 3 October 2010, after visiting the other 70 nations of the Commonwealth and travelling throughout India. The Queen’s Baton Relay 2010 Delhi will take the baton to the home of one third of the world’s population, enabling many millions of people across the globe to join in the celebrations for the Games.

The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is a fusion of handcrafted elements interplayed with a precision engineered body, and ornamented with an intricate hand layered soil pattern. The shape and design of the baton is created using a triangular section of aluminium which has been twisted in the form of a helix and then coated with a diverse range of coloured soils collected from all corners of India.

The interweaving of coloured soils, including white sands, deep reds, warm yellows, dark browns and an array of other hues creates a very distinctive design, form and texture never before seen in the styling of a Queen’s Baton. The very essence of India with its diversity and unrelenting endeavour towards a harmonious and progressive nation has shaped the inspiration of the baton.

Culminating at the pinnacle of the Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is a precious jewellery box containing the Queen’s ‘message to the athletes’. The Queen’s message has been symbolically engraved onto a miniature 18 carat gold leaf, representative of the ancient Indian 'patras'. Modern laser technology known as micro calligraphy has been used for the first time to reproduce the Queen’s message in this method.


The use of 18 carat gold in the leaf and at the pinnacle of the baton dates back to India's ancient love affair with the precious metal. For India, gold has been more than just a precious metal; it has been an integral part of the fabric of her culture. Gold was included in the design to symbolise power, strength, perfection and achievement – a representation of India’s past, present and future.

The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi embodies the fusion of a diverse India and its contemporary avatars – an enterprising, young nation with many facets.


The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is lightweight and uses ergonomic contours for balance and convenient holding. The baton’s combination of precision engineering and fine craftsmanship are integrated to create a true Indian masterpiece.


Capturing images and sound

•    The baton has the ability to capture images and sound as it travels through all 71 nations of the Commonwealth. Images and sound from the baton will be available on the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi website.

GPS system

•    The latest global positioning system technology housed within the baton will allow its location to be viewed on the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi website.

 LED lighting

•    Light emitting diodes embedded within the baton will transition into the colours of a country’s flag, whilst the baton is in that country.

 Text messaging

•    Messages of congratulations and encouragement can be sent to the baton. Selected messages will be available for viewing on the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi website.

 Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi

The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is created using processes and technologies existing in India by Foley Designs, in partnership with Titan Industries and a technology consortium led by Bharat Electronics Limited.