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The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is a technological marvel and people around the world want to touch it. Actually everybody can get in touch with it by SMSing on the number +91-9818924545. Wherever in the world the baton goes you can SMS your wishes and views directly to the baton. Selected messages will be carried on Delhi Commonwealth Games’ Official Website.

The Queen’s Baton, embedded with the soil of each of India’s 28 states, portrays the rich diversity of India. Equipped with high-tech electronic gadgets and a gold leaf inscribed with the Queen’s message, the baton also represents the resilient spirit of Indians and their prowess in the field of technology and IT.

Wherever the baton travels, its LEDs will show the colour of that country. It clicks photographs and identifies the location where it is present. The baton is coated with soil of all the states of India. Secondly, it is high-tech and people expected that if India designs a baton then it would surely be high-tech and the baton upholds the expectations of all.  


To send SMS to the baton type,

baton [SMS_BODY -(160 chars)] and send it to +91 9818924545



baton A proud moment for all Indians. I wish Queen's Baton Relay a great success! Pooja Bajaj, Gurgaon.

Send to +91 9818924545