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RANCHI, 07 August 2010: Joyous scenes were witnessed in the Ranchi, Jharkhand’s capital, as the city rose to welcome the Queen’s Baton
6 August 2010
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India, Ranchi
DHANBAD, 5 August 2010: The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi has reached the ‘Coal Capital of India’ Dhanbad in Jharkhand state. General
4 August 2010
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Dhanbad, India
KOLKATA, 1 August 2010: With monsoon rains bringing the temperature down, hundreds of sports enthusiasts hit the streets here Sunday cheering the
1 August 2010
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India, Kolkata
KOHIMA, 25 July 2010: The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi has reached the capital of Nagaland, Kohima, after completing its journey to Arunachal
25 July 2010
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India, Kohima
SHILLONG, 21 July 2010: The Queen's Baton 2010 Delhi, now on a nation-wide journey, reached Meghalaya amid much fanfare on Wednesday.    
21 July 2010
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India, Shillong
GUWAHATI, 20 July 2010: Braving inclement weather, people of Guwahati turned out in large numbers to receive the Queen's Baton 2010 Delhi, on the
19 July 2010
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Guwahati, India
DARJEELING, 19 July 2010: The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi has reached the hill station Darjeeling after completing its journey in Sikkim. The
18 July 2010
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Darjeeling, India
PATNA, 14 July 2010: On Wednesday, the baton visited Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, famous for being the place where Lord Budhha attained
13 July 2010
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India, Patna
VARANASI/GAYA, 13 July 2010:  After taking boat rides on holy Ganges in historical cities of Allahabad and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh the Queen
12 July 2010
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ALLAHABAD, 11 July 2010: With lakhs of people turning out on the streets of Allahabad, it was a site so much like the Kumbh fair that takes place
11 July 2010
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Allahabad, India