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The Queen`s Baton 2010 Delhi was unveiled at a spectacular cultural show held at India Gate in New Delhi on 8 March 2009. The Queen`s Baton 2010 Delhi is a combination of handcrafted excellence and precision engineering, it is a true symbol of India: its ancient roots and present vibrant, modern identity. It is also representative of India’s diversity – the baton’s colour scheme showcases ‘soils’ from every corner of the country, a rich palette ranging from white sands to yellow clay, deep reds to dark browns and an array of other hues.


The shape and design of the baton has been created using a triangular section of aluminium which is twisted in the form of a helix and coated with soil in a graduating pattern. Interweaving of the intricate hand layered soil pattern creates a very distinctive design, form and texture never before seen in the styling of a Queen’s Baton. Culminating at the pinnacle of the Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi is a precious jewellery box containing the Queen’s ‘message to the athletes’.


The Queen’s message has been symbolically engraved onto a miniature 18 carat gold leaf, representative of the ancient Indian `pathras`. The gold leaf inscription reflects the essence and the richness of culture in ancient India. Modern laser technology known as micro calligraphy has been used for the first time to reproduce the Queen’s message in this style. The Queen`s Baton 2010 Delhi stands at 664 millimetres high is 34 millimetres wide at the base, and 86 millimetres wide at the top and weighs a mere 1,900 grams.

The baton’s ergonomic contours allow for convenient holding and good balance. The Queen’s Baton 2010 Delhi technology features include:

  • The ability to capture images and sound as it travels throughout all nations of the Commonwealth;
  • The latest Global Positioning System (GPS) technology through which the exact location of the baton can be tracked on the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi website;
  • Embedded Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) which will change into the colours of a country’s flag whilst in that country; and
  • Text messaging capability so that anyone anywhere can send their messages of congratulations and encouragement to the Batonbearers throughout the Queen`s Baton Relay 2010 Delhi. The Queen`s Baton 2010 Delhi is created using processes and technologies existing in India by Foley Design in partnership with Titan Industries and a technology consortium led by Bharat Electronics Limited.