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Mr. Suresh Kalmadi
Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

Delhi will proudly host the first ever Commonwealth Games to be held in India between 3-14 October 2010. Approximately 8,000 athletes and officials from all 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth will participate in 17 sports to be conducted in 23 world class sports venues. Expectations are high and the world awaits with bated breath. Our time starts NOW as we prepare to showcase to the world our drive, commitment and capability to host a world class mega sport event!

YOU make the difference!

By registering to be a volunteer for the Games, you will take the first step in becoming an integral part of Delhi 2010. Volunteers are ‘The face of the Games’ and the ‘Backbone of the Organising Committee’. Your friendly and noble service will guarantee unforgettable memories for the guests and yourselves!

A volunteer is someone who commits his/her time and energy for the benefit of others, and does so freely, through personal choice. World over, international sports events rely on Volunteers who are an integral and essential component for the success of any world class games, as they selflessly go about doing their duties with a smile, proudly wearing their specially designed volunteer uniforms and promoting the image of their country to a global audience, giving back to the city they love and sharing in her moment of glory!

This will be your chance to help promote Delhi and India to the world and forge lasting friendships with fellow volunteers and people from all over the world, gain invaluable skills and experience, and be part of a positive and rewarding experience; one that you will remember with pride for the rest of your life.

Thank you for registering to be a part of the experience. Without you, the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi will be impossible!

Suresh Kalmadi
Chairman Organising Committee
Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi