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Your smile, inner strength and traditional values will help, Kapil Dev tells volunteers

NEW DELHI, July 20, 2010: Cricket legend Kapil Dev said the volunteers would be the face of the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, The man who led India to its only World Cup victory in 1983 was talking to media volunteers at a motivation session organised by the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi on Tuesday.

Around 600 volunteers will be assisting nearly 2000 accredited media persons during the Games to be held from October 3 to 14.
India Today Deputy Editor Sharda Ugra, The Times of India (Delhi) Sports Editor Alok Sinha and sports commentator Novy Kapadia also addressed the 250 volunteers who braved the inclement weather to make it to the motivation session.

Highlighting the responsibilities of the volunteers, Kapil Dev said that each volunteer may have to cater to three to four media personnel every day. A smile could change a difficult situation into a pool of possibilities. “We are a nation that boasts of rich heritage and culture but not many people know that. With your smile, your inner strength to deliver and traditional Indian values, you can help the nation deliver the best-ever Commonwealth Games,” he said.
Emphasising India as a global power, Mr. Kapil Dev said Indians are making a huge impact globally in all spheres of life and the Commonwealth Games will only help India make greater impact as a nation globally. “We are making changes and making decisions globally already but the Commonwealth Games is going to strengthen us to take on many challenges,” he said.
“We are depending upon you, so work really hard and passionately. You may or may not be able to see the sports events but your job is to facilitate all those who are coming to visit the country; your job is to sacrifice your own ambition at that moment and try to work for the country. Only passionate people will come out with flying colours,” he said.

“Commonwealth Games is a very big deal not only for athletes and spectators but also for press without which a multi-discipline Games cannot really become the big event that it is,” Ms. Ugra said. “Timing is very important for a journalist; whatever you are suppose to do make sure it is done on time.”
Mr. Alok Sinha said “Journalists from all over the world will expect you to be smiling all the time and coming up with the right information. I am sure you are brightest young people around and will take best care of your guests.”
Sharing his experiences, sports commentator Novy Kapadia attributed the success of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa to volunteers since most of the media’s major impression of a country or city was formed through the volunteers. He stressed on the fact that media just like players, is also under immense pressure to perform and volunteers play a very crucial role in ensuring that media people meet their deadlines and go back with reasonably happy memories of India.

Highlighting what is expected of volunteers during Commonwealth Games, Mr Tarlochan Singh, MP, and Chairman of the Media Sub-Committee Delhi 2010, said, “We are expecting over 2,000 media people and among them will be 700- 800 foreign journalists. Your duty is to look after them. Now time has come when we all should unite, be optimistic and see that the Games are the best Games.”