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The Games begin; YOU will be a part of thousands of energetic, enthusiastic and helpful volunteers who will be available to aid in the day-to-day operations of the Games. You will assist in welcoming spectators, athletes, the media, tourists and visiting officials, as well as undertaking tasks across all facets of the Games’ operations. It’s an excellent opportunity for all Indians to play a critical role in making Delhi 2010 the friendliest Games ever. This section shows the steps that Volunteers will take, along this once in a lifetime opportunity, to create history for India.

Application Form

The first simple step along this exciting and fun filled journey is to register yourselves to be a part of Delhi United, the Volunteer Programme. All you have to do is fill a registration form which will allow us to get to know you.


Recruitment This phase will involve an interview where we would like to get to know you better. Based on this interview, you will be allotted to one of the various volunteer roles. This will be done to ensure that we engage passionate, committed Volunteers with the appropriate skills to deliver an once-in-a-lifetime event in October 2010. Click here to know more about the volunteer opportunities.

Police Verification

You will be required to undergo a process of verification of antecedents by the local police. This process will validate your current and permanent address and proof of character will be taken from a couple of witnesses. However, passport details are mandatory for non-Delhi residents applying as a volunteer.


To ensure that you have the necessary skills and information to perform your assigned roles effectively, we will provide both general and role and venue specific training. Training is mandatory for all of you, and will predominantly take place in Delhi. The multi-staged training process is as follows:
• General Training
– This phase of training is designed to introduce you to the Commonwealth Games, sports which will be contested, location of the venues and the type and breadth of the roles involved in the event.
• Event Leadership Training
– Specific training for those who are assigned to a role managing or leading others. This training will focus on what is required to lead and motivate a group of workforce in the context of a major event.
• Role Specific Training
– This phase of training is designed and delivered by the Functional Areas (FAs) using templates and guidelines created by the Training Programme. This is the FA’s opportunity to provide the information and skills needed by you to perform your specific role during the event.
• Venue Specific Training
–It is designed and delivered by the Venue Team under the direction of the Venue Manager and the Venue Workforce Manager using templates and guidelines created by the Training Programme. It covers the layout, functions performed, and policies and procedures (including health, safety and emergency procedures) at a specific venue.

Uniform and Accreditation Collection

You will be invited to attend the Uniform and Accreditation Centre (UAC) to collect your Games accreditation and uniform. Due to the large numbers of people who are required to go through this process, invites will be issued for a specific day and time to attend the UAC.

Rewards and Recognition

Now comes the most fun part, the Games Time... You will be a part of the rewards and recognition programme designed to recognise and appreciate all the hard work that you put in. This will be a chance for you to demonstrate spirit in action and of course we will appreciate your efforts; and not just in the form of words

Post Games Celebrations

It’s the time to party!!! This post games party will be a celebration for the victory that we have achieved in delivering the best ever Commonwealth Games.

What are we looking for in a Delhi United Team Member?

A highlight of all Commonwealth Games has been the friendly, dedicated band of volunteers. It will be no different for Delhi 2010. Volunteers will be the ambassadors for Delhi 2010, and we are seeking people with the following qualities:
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
  • Team approach
  • Effective communication skills
  • A positive ‘can do’ attitude, ready to take on any job
  • Minimum age – you must have completed 18 years on 30 September 2009
  • Availability for at least the full competition period
  • Consent to police security checks
  • Willing to comply with all key policies of the OC CWG Delhi 2010 regarding your behaviour, presentation and involvement as a volunteer
  • Speak and understand English
  • Should have the relevant background and skills for chosen roles

If you have all of the above and more…

Are you ready to be a part of this exciting journey?

Are you ready to help create history?