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One Stop Shop evokes pleasing response from CGA members

NEW DELHI : The One Stop Shop set up by the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi to facilitate sharing of information has evoked a positive reaction from the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly delegates ahead of the October 12 meeting.

Mr Suresh Kalmadi, MP, Chairman, Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi, who opened the One Stop Shop today, said he was pleased with the response. “The idea of setting up a One Stop Shop with so many desks for different Functional Areas is to ensure that the delegates can have their specific questions addressed,” he said.

“Usually, delegates interact with the Functional Area called the Commonwealth Games Association Relations but, in consultation with the Commonwealth Games Federation, we decided to have the One Stop Shop with as many as 19 CGA specific Functional Areas available for interaction,” Mr Kalmadi said.

The One Stop Shop includes (in alphabetical order) Accreditation, Accommodation/Games Travel Office, Air Travel, Catering, Ceremonies, CGA Relations, Communications & Publicity, Co-ordination, Finance, Games Village, Image & Look, Logistics, Queen’s Baton Relay, Press Operations, Protocol, Sports, Sustainability & Environment, Technology and Ticketing.

For example, George Williamson (Cook Islands) went around the One Stop Shop and spent time with the Protocol FA. “I was checking if our National Flag and our National Anthem were in place and I was very pleased to note that they were in order. I am delighted with the kind of set up here,” Mr Williamson said.

Other reactions from some delegates and observers:

Peter Heatly, Life Vice-President, Commonwealth Games Federation: I learnt a lot from the One Stop Shop. This is quite encouraging and impressive. The staff is helpful and enthusiastic.

Gareth John (Wales): Everything has been very quick and I am completely satisfied with all that we have heard at the One Stop Shop today.

Phillip R Guishard (Bermuda): The One Stop Shop is well organised and those manning the desks are well prepared to answer all our questions. The information they have share is brilliant. I would keep visiting the One-Stop Shop frequently during my stay here.

Miriam Moyo (Zambia): The concept is excellent and the service very quick. All the information is available in a central place and saves us trouble. I am sure the experience will be as good during the Commonwealth Games next year.

Pamela Young (St Helena): The One Stop Shop is very informative and the staff is very helpful.

Tonia Lushington (Isle of Man): The idea is very good and it has been a fine experience

Oscar Kanjala (Malawi): It is well organised and the information is helpful.

Fred Maetolay (Solomon Islands): It is wonderful and an excellent opportunity for us to get all the information we wanted quickly.

Lord Tupou (Tonga): The One Stop Shop is very interesting and the Sustainability & Environment FA stop is new to me and I liked the idea of the Green Games very much. I know I will leave Delhi very satisfied.

Roy Colebrooke (Bahamas): It has provided the much needed status report on the conditions of several projects and other useful information, especially the dates on which the Queen’s Baton Relay reaches our country.

Daniel Beniston (Australia): The One Stop Stop is well organised and I got the information I was seeking from the ticketing and accommodation desks.

Sireet (Gurnsey): I made it a point to visit the protocol desk and I answered a question on our National Anthem. The One Stop Shop is not only for CGA delegates to ask questions but also to answer some themselves.