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Training Volunteers to Improve Emergency Preparedness during the Games

The OC today organised a workshop on Safety Preparedness and Emergency Management for the Games Volunteers. The first lot of around 200 Games Volunteers gathered in the OC Headquarters were trained to handle emergency situations arising out of natural disasters, accidents, terrorist activities and physical ailments.

Dr. Angeli Qwatra, Chairperson of Philanthrope, made a presentation on Safety Preparedness and Emergency Management. “At least one person in each family and everyone involved in such large scale events like Commonwealth Games must have the knowledge of life saving techniques before the actual medical help arrives. Their simple actions can save lives”, she said.

“Volunteers with the confidence and knowledge of emergency preparedness will have huge impact on the success of the Games as the international visitors will feel a lot safer if they know that the emergency responders are right next to them.”

She demonstrated the importance of safety and emergency preparedness. The program was designed to engage and prepare the Games Volunteers for any emergency situation. With initial training from the Philanthrope, the workshop covered the importance of being confident during any untoward situation.

The volunteers were told about each and every aspect of first aid and disaster management covering important first hand help for emergencies like choking, stab wounds, drowning, unconsciousness, bleeding, shock, fractures, fire, etc. The volunteers were trained to give first aid through the recovery position, rescue breath (artificial respiration), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), tourniquet, slings, etc. The volunteers participated in mock drills and learned the first aid techniques.

Trained medical professionals and experts were present to assist volunteers in knowing vital life saving methods. The drills illustrated how to bridge the all important time gap before the injured can get actual medical help. Renowned social worker and head of OC’s Green Games Sub-Committee, Mrs Nafisa Ali, participated in the drills with volunteers