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Delhi 2010 volunteer opportunities include the following:


Each visiting athlete, official and member of the Games workforce will be issued with an accreditation pass, identifying that person and his/her area access entitlements. Volunteers engaged in this area will create and issue accreditation passes and provide assistance with accreditation issues.


The Accommodation team will support Accommodation supervisors in catering to any requests guests have at respective locations, and ensure the smooth functioning of all operational tasks that are delegated by the Accommodation supervisors.


The Ceremonies team will require people to fill a range of support activities for the opening and closing ceremonies such as marshalling, operations assistance and technical support.

CGA Relations

Liaison Officers are responsible for ensuring that respective Commonwealth Games Association(CGA) contingents/Commonwealth Games Federation(CGF)executive members/ VIP’s/ Dignitaries receive all requisite support for any issue/ assistance as requested.

Games Village

Commonwealth Games Village volunteers provide assistance to Games Village residents as well as to government officials and special guests.This may include administrative assistance, airport meet-and-greet services, and venue based assistance. Experience or skill in protocol or diplomacy is essential to these roles.

Communications (Technical)

Communications volunteers assist with venue operations, reporting and monitoring incidents in competition and non-competition venues. Other responsibilities include registering issues and the distribution/collection of communications equipment. Some communications roles may require prior experience in working with radio systems and communications protocol.


volunteers for logistic area will work in Logistics stores and will, move and provide the furniture, fixtures, equipments and supplies to the Games event programme areas and venues. Roles within logistics will largely involve coordination of activities.

Press Operations

Press Operations volunteers provide services to the accredited press at the Main Press Centre and all competition venues. This support includes roles such as information assistants, help desk and photo journalist assistants.


The Protocol team will ensure that all athletes and officials are given appropriate services in accordance to their title from different functions such as hospitality and transportation and assist the officials and athletes arriving at the airports. Responsible for the smooth execution of all operational tasks that are delegated and reporting protocol relating issues as observed to the Protocol Coordinator.

Spectator Services

Spectator Services volunteers will provide meet-and-greet services for spectators and the general public within the venues and in public areas. They will also provide Games specific directional assistance, information and general assistance, where required. These roles will involve contact with large numbers of spectators. A positive, spector focused attitude is essential for these roles. It requires a friendly but strong personality to interpret spectator needs and provide directions.


Management of key sponsor relationships with the Games is the responsibility of the Sponsorship team. Hosting assistant roles will be required at some sporting venues and within the Sponsor Hospitality Village. This role will require strong customer service, attention to detail, a willingness to help and a positive attitude.


There are many opportunities for volunteers to fill technological roles, including help desk, customer support, computer and printer operators, time scoring and results, network systems and data entry etc. Related skills and experience are essential to be selected in this category.


Transport volunteers are required at all major venues and other key transport locations to assist with vehicle pool operations, load zone assistance and passenger service. A good customer service attitude is essential.

Workforce Operations

A Workforce Operations team will operate at all venues to provide assistance and support to the Games workforce and to managers of the workforce. Duties include assisting with workforce check-in, dealing with personnel related issues and schedule management. Experience in people management or human resources will be an advantage.