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The Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.
For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

This is a four-member committee headed by the Chairman and includes the Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary General. It is the main executive arm of the Executive Board and works as an interface between the sub-committees on one hand and the Executive Board on the other.

It is responsible for finalising the Functional Area (FA) plans and budgets submitted by the sub-committees and FAs and passing them onto the Executive Board. It is also responsible for day-to-day decisions and approvals to facilitate the smooth functioning of the OC CWG Delhi 2010. It supervises the operations of the sub-committees.  

Executive Management Members
Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman: The executive head and chief administrator, responsible for executing all functions and policies laid down by the Executive Board.

Mr. Randhir Singh, Vice Chairman: Responsible for managing relations with CGAs and coordinating activities between the CGAs and the OC CWG Delhi 2010 Sub-committees

Dr. Lalit K. Bhanot, Secretary General: Responsible for the technical aspects of conducting the Games and coordinating activities of the Sub-committees.
Mr. Anil K Khanna, Treasurer: Responsible for managing and finalising the accounts of the OC CWG Delhi 2010 and placing them before the Executive Board and coordinating the activities of the Sub-committee related to finance and revenue.