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Electronic communication will be the main form of contact to all volunteer applicants. Candidates are encouraged to visit this volunteer website regularly for information on status updates, schedules and training sessions

We want you to experience as much of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi as you can. If you purchase a ticket to view an event, we'll do our best to schedule your shifts accordingly, however we can’t make any guarantees. Please keep in mind that we require a minimum time commitment from our volunteers.

Yes, you will be provided with the medical facility when you are on duty.

If you don't have an e-mail address you can set one up for free through different webmail service providers. You can also contact your Internet service provider for further options. Please keep in mind that you'll need your own e-mail address to apply for a volunteer role. For security reasons, you and another volunteer applicant cannot share the same e-mail address

There is no maximum age to volunteer.

Roles will be assigned based on the location of your accommodation during the Games, as well as your availability, skills and experience. Where possible, your preference will also be considered.

You’ll receive an acknowlegement e-mail confirming that your application has been received

Yes, you must fill the online application form. Thousands of Games enthusiasts expressed their interest to volunteer during the General Assembly. This was a great way to gauge interest from potential volunteers, however the application form is different and will capture your skills, background and qualifications, as well as your availability to volunteer.

International volunteers are welcome to join us in this exciting event. However, all travel and accommodation costs and arrangements must be borne by the volunteer. International volunteers – like all other volunteers – must register through the Delhi 2010 website and also fulfil all training requirements in preparation for the final selection.

All our communications will be done online and it is essential for you to have Internet access and easy access to your e-mails.

There are opportunities for physically-challenged person/s, although limited in number. Please state your condition in detail in the application form.

The uniform issued to you is a controlled item. Volunteers without uniforms will not be allowed into the venues to perform their duties. The replacement for the uniform will be rarest of the possibility depending on the discretion of the management.

You will be provided with meals and refreshments during training days as well as during deployment for the Games, and public transport will be free – you just have to show your accreditation card.

We are confident that you will be committed and turn up during the Games. In the event of ‘no show’, we will conduct an investigation on the reasons for the ‘no show’. If the reasons are unjustifiable, the person/s will also have to return all uniform, equipment, and accreditation passes issued.

You may decide to withdraw anytime. However, you must return all uniform and equipment, and accreditation passes issued to you.

Attendance for all training sessions is compulsory. Volunteers who do not attend training will be risking their volunteering opportunities.
You will have to go through general training which will give you background information of the event.
Role specific training will depend on the specific roles assigned to you and this will help you to perform your role effectively.
Venue specific training will familiarise you with the various facilities and emergency procedures of the particular venues assigned to you.
The fourth part of training is event leadership which will be given to only to those who will be responsible for managing/supervising a group of volunteer.
These training sessions will be delivered over a period of four to five days

Every Volunteer has to register individually on the official website to be a part of Delhi2010 volunteer team.

We will try to match your interests with the volunteer opportunities available. If you’re shortlisted, we’ll contact you. As volunteers with different skills may be required for each phase in the run-up to the Games, we may contact each of you at different times.
There are many areas in which you could volunteer. We’ll try our best to match your interests with the opportunities available, but please understand that a perfect fit may not always be possible.
If you have not heard from us, please be patient. This means we’re still trying our best to match you to the most appropriate volunteer opportunity. When one becomes available, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you.

Certainly! There are many available volunteer opportunities for anyone who is committed and willing to help. Many volunteer functions require mature individuals and we welcome people of all age groups to apply.

Please contact us immediately if your personal or contact details change.
If you have applied for a volunteer role online you can update your details online. Login with the username and password you used to submit your original application.

You are unpaid members of the Delhi 2010 volunteer team. Therefore, as a volunteer you do not receive wages, fees, honorariums, tips, gratuities or reimbursements for the work you undertake for the event.

To ensure that you have the necessary skills and information to perform your assigned roles effectively, we will provide both general and role specific training. The total duration of the training is from May 2010-October 2010.
• General training will commence from May 2010-August 2010
• Role specific training from July 2010-September 2010
• Venue specific training from August 2010-October 2010
• Leadership training is from August 2010-September 2010

We will try to assign you a volunteer's role as per your past experiences or in accordance with the preference you indicated in your application. However, given that certain roles have been oversubscribed, this is likely to be difficult. We encourage you to be as open-minded as possible about your options.

The length of your involvement will depend on your assigned role. We will discuss your availability further during the assessment process. The longer and more flexible your availability, the more roles you can be considered for.
A normal volunteer day will usually be 8-10 hours, including breaks, but some roles may occasionally require longer or shorter shifts. All volunteers engaged during the Games are required to be available for a minimum of 10 shifts and are expected to be available for the full period from 3 to 14 October 2010.