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Carbon Neutrality Kiosk at the CGF General Assembly

New Delhi: A Green Games’ carbon neutrality kiosk was set up at the One Stop Shop during the CGF General Assembly to disseminate information to the visiting delegates on the green initiatives undertaken by the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi to ensure carbon consumption neutral Games.


A curtain raiser to carbon free Green Games, ‘personal travel emission offset programme’ was introduced during the General Assembly. Visiting delegates were informed about the ways to counter the carbon dioxide emission resulting from their travel to attend the CGF General Assembly. A customised travel footprint calculator calculated the carbon emission taken place during their travel and equivalent  amount of emission was offset by investing in clean development mechanism projects. Apart from reducing the amount of carbon in the air, these projects also contribute to the sustainable development of the local communities.


The carbon neutrality kiosk received commendable response from all visiting delegates. Mr. Abdulsaini Zuraimi was the first delegate to offset 0.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission.


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