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There are few critical components of hospitality that will have an impact on the footprint of the Games like transportation, accommodation and food and beverages. These footprints will be combated by the following strategic initiatives:

Vertical Scope Key Initiatives
Tranportation Transportation will be a major source of carbon emissions during the Games. There will be a significant level of travel and commutation involved like intercity, intra-city and international travel for the athletes and officials participating in the Games
  • Majority of vehicles would be clean fuel driven around Delhi
  • CNG based intra venue transport
  • CNG based Games family fleet
  • Promotion of sustainable means of transport
Catering Food and beverages services consume enormous amounts of resource at production, procurement and post consumption. They also generate a disproportionate amount of waste, which has an adverse impact on the environment
  • Green catering guidelines are disseminated to promote local procurement, fair trade products, procurement of eco-friendly materials and use Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) free refrigeration systems.
  • Appropriate collection, segregation and treatment of organic and other waste are also promoted •
Accommodation Large amount of footprint would be associated with accommodation at hotels due to energy usage, water usages, waste generated
  • Eco-transformation protocols for the Game's Family Hotels
  • Recommended green hospitality certification for family hotel
  • Offsetting of travel emissions of guests at the Games Family Hotel
  • Green advisories on hotels’ television network
  • Providing green stay option at family hotels
    1. Bed linens and towels to be changed at request of guest
    2. Newspapers on request
    3. Carbon footprint calculation for guests and options for offset