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The Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi (OC CWG Delhi 2010) is aware of the impact that the Games will have on local and global environment and is accordingly ensuring an environmentally sustainable Commonwealth Games in Delhi. It is implementing key strategic reduction, mitigation and offset initiatives to achieve its objective of green games. One of the strategic focus areas of the green games is to enhance greening and offsetting carbon emission.

In order to attain these objectives, the greening and offset would be accomplished through the following three categories of programmes:

  • Carbon Neutrality Programme
  • Platform to spectator and attendees to measure and offset their travel footprint through credit procurment

  • Investment in sustainable projects
  • Offsetting unavoidable through investment in sustainablity projects in India through the instrument of VERS

Semi Direct
  • CGF Carbon Neutrality Programme
  • Proposed global bio diversity drive with the objective of sequestration of CGF travel footprint for the Games

  • Biological sequestration-through bio diversity management
  • Plantation activities in Delhi Plan India Plantation activities

  • Grid emissionoffset
  • Use of banked green power to offset consumption at key venues