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With an overall objective to achieve a carbon neutral consumption status for the games, a strategic framework has been developed to reduce and offset the key environmental footprints of the event.  Key elements of the Games have been divided into eight critical modules, with each module containing specific verticals, across which strategic initiatives will be implemented.

  1. Green Games Vision, Mission and Goals:  These are the key guiding principles and tangible, sustainability and environment targets set out for Delhi 2010. The goals have been encapsulated in the form of an ecological code that will guide and become the underlying principle for all activities during the Games
  2. Green Infrastructure:  Strategic initiatives have been identified and recommended to ensure the incorporation of sustainability elements in the construction and up-gradation for the following categories of infrastructures associated with the Games;
    1. Competition Venues
    2. Training Venues
    3. Non-Competition Venues
  3. Green Ceremonies: The Games will include a number of pre Games events for which guidelines, protocols and specific sustainability initiatives have been identified
    1. Opening & Closing Ceremonies
    2. Curtain raiser and build up events
    3. Queens Baton Relay   
  4. Green Hospitality:  It will include strategic recommendations to increase the sustainability through use of eco alternatives, global best practices for the following services;
    1. Hospitality services
    2. Accommodation services
    3. Food and beverages service
  5. Eco Procurement: Ensuring adherence to green procurement policies like Energy efficient products, Energy Star rated products , ISO 14001 series certified manufacturers 
  6. Green Sensitization: Awareness generation is a key area of focus for the OC CWG Delhi 2010 and the verticals of focus including – land, energy, waste, water, air, carbon using the Games platform 
  7. Greening and Offset :  The OC CWG Delhi 2010 is cognisant of the impact that big sporting events have on the environment and to combat such adverse impact, the OC CWG Delhi 2010 is undertaking extensive plantation drive to increase the green cover and offset the carbon footprint for the event.
  8. Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability Indicators: It will be crucial for gauging success of the Green Games agenda and moving towards certification of achievements


The entire framework will be bound by a strategy to ensure alignment and a systematic compliance management system to ensure progress monitoring.