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Michelangelo Giustiniano on his 'own goal'

Australia's oldest athlete at Delhi 2010, Michelangelo Giustiniano, was left red-faced after he scored what could be regarded as an 'own goal' in the Men's 25m Centrefire Pistol shoot-off at the Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range on Sunday.

The 57-year-old sat in second place in the penultimate round of the final until a four-way tie meant a shoot-off was required to determine the Silver and Bronze medallists.

Giustiniano then mistakenly fired all of his five shoot-off rounds into the target belonging to the competitor next to him, Poh Lip Meng (SIN) who claimed Bronze.

“I contributed to the other guy's score. The target records the first shot that hits it, so it might be his, it might be mine, but it will record the shot,” Giustiniano said after the event.

“The target recorded five shots but ten shots had gone through it. So he gets credit with the highest scores out of ten shots," he said.

Giustiniano was puzzled over why he committed such an error.

“I don't recall this ever happening. It's crazy. I'll get my head around it eventually. It's not only tough to take, but the chances of me making up for this are slim.”

Giustiniano used his back-up pistol after his preferred firearm malfunctioned the previous day, which was probably disturbing him. Ammunition for the back-up weapon was also running low with Giustiniano down to his last rounds.

“I was running short of ammo. The one I used yesterday had a lot of malfuncations with, so I used the back-up,” he said. “I only had the minimal amount of rounds and I got myself in this situation.”

Giustiniano has made three appearances at the Commonwealth Games and won a Gold and a Bronze medal in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 and Gold in Victoria in 1994.