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The Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.
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Who said what on 11 October 2010


"It has been a horrible week because of the disqualification [in the Women's 100m]. I was really focused and stayed in the blocks and made sure that everyone got out ahead of me."
- Sally Pearson (AUS), who was disqualified for a false start from the Women's 100m on Thursday, speaks after securing Gold in the Women's 100m Hurdles.

"It's like an addition. It's fantastic. There is so much euphoria. I can understand why people do the Decathlon where they do ten events in front of this crowd."
- Sean Wroe (AUS) laps up the attention in the 4x400m heats at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

"Too bad it is not the 802 metres." 
- A fast-finishing Diane Cummins (CAN) rues failing to catch Nikki Hamblin (NZL) and winner Nancy Jebet Lan'gat in the dying strides of the Women's 1500m.


“It’s in your face now. I should have got that medal for England.”
- Amir Khan's younger brother, Haroon Iqbal (PAK), after winning a Bronze medal, sends a gracious message to the England selectors, who snubbed him for the Delhi Games.

“My wife has been telling me 'you’re going to win a Gold medal’. I didn’t believe her but now I’m starting to. She’s been a real driving force.”
- Middleweight boxer Eamonn O’Kane (NIR) reflects on the importance of marital support.


“I feel really good, it's about time I could smile, it is well overdue."
- Papua New Guinea coach Pole Kassman sees light at the end of the tunnel after his team beat India to finish the tournament ranked 11th out of 12.


"It is frustrating - I have nobody here to cheer for me because all the other team members are either tired or have gone to visit the Taj Mahal.”
- Rob Weale (WAL) finds out the hard way that his teammates preferred cultural enrichment to watching Lawn Bowls.


“Let's hope they [Indian government] notice the Rugby. We just have to play our best in the competition. The crowd was the best thing, the atmosphere, running out in front of home fans, which unfortunately doesn't happen very often.”
- Kayrus Unwala (IND) on India's inaugural match in the Rugby Sevens competition at Delhi 2010


"Many shooters will try to overtake me, but I will try my best and they will try their best. If their best overtakes my best, then they will obviously overtake me."
- Full Bore shooter David Calvert (NIR) tries to clarify the nature of competitive sport.