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Image: PTI
International Boxing Association chief loves India experience at Delhi 2010

Impressed with the venues and all praise for the Indian boxers, International Boxing Association President Ching-Kuo Wu says he is having a gala time at the Commonwealth Games here.

"I am very pleased to see the venues here. The level of competition is very high with so many countries coming here
and yes, of course I have been watching Indian boxers, they have done well for themselves. It has been good here," Wu said.

Wu was particularly enamoured by the dome-shaped Talkatora Indoor arena which is hosting the boxing competition
of the Games.

"It's a lovely stadium. Indian boxing is rising very fast and that is why you have an Olympic and World Championship medallist (in Vijender Singh). There are some very good boxers coming up and hopefully they will continue to do well. The foundation is there, you just have to build on it," he added.

Wu said India is important to AIBA's scheme of things and some international events might come to the country in future.
"Why not? India will certainly have more international events because it is a huge market. The crowd is so good,
there is so much interest in the sport which is very good to see. You can even bid for the World Championships, join in, who knows there might be a World Championship here," he said.
"The World Series of Boxing, in which India is a franchise, is also coming here next month and I hope it gets a
good response from the people. It is very important that people connect with the game and it is happening here in
India, which is very nice to see," he said.
The AIBA brought about some major changes in international boxing earlier this year, making bouts a three-rounds-of-three-minutes-each affair instead of the previous four-rounds-of-two-minutes each but Wu ruled out the
introduction of video referrals in live matches.

"Referrals are there after the bout. We can't have them in live bouts because it is just an 11-minute affair. But one can protest after the bout. But we have not got protests ever since the introduction of neutral referees and judges," he said.
"In the men's world championship last year, there were zero protest and same was the case at the women's world
championships this year. The teams know that a loss is a loss and they can't attribute it to anything else," he said.
Wu said among the many changes that have been introduced in officiating the bouts is the zero tolerance to passive
defence in boxing. "You just can't stand there in the ring with a shell guard. You cannot have a passive defence like that. If a boxer tries to run around too much or defend too much, he is cautioned and even warned by the referees," he said. - PTI