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The Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.
For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

This team is responsible for planning, coordination and execution of all Functional Area plans in order to deliver the Games. 

The Team

Chairman Secretariat and Executive Office
Name Designation Contacts Email
Mr. Suresh Kalmadi Chairman 24500401 suresh.kalmadi@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Randhir Singh Vice Chairman 24500402 randhir.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org
Dr. Lalit K. Bhanot Secretary General 24500403 lalit.bhanot@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Anil K Khanna Treasurer 24500405
Mr. Jarnail Singh Chief Executive Officer   jarnail.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. V. K. Verma Director General 24500406 vk.verma@cwgdelhi2010.org
Ms. Shovana Narayan SDG (Ceremonies) 24500409 shovana.narayan@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Sudhir Mittal SDG 24500489 sudhir.mittal@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. G. C. Chaturvedi SDG (F&A)    
Mr. Jagmohan Bhanot Officer on Special Duty (Communications)    
Mr. Neel Chatterjee OSD (Revenue & Communications)   neel.chatterjee@cwgdelhi2010.org
Sqn. Ldr. (Retd.) Mr. Somesh Sinha Officer on Special Duty (CGA Relations)    
Mr. R. P. Gupta Officer on Special Duty (Games Village)   rp.gupta@cwgdelhi2010.org
Brig. (Retd.) Mr. Upendra K. Dhar Officer on Special Duty (Games Village)   rp.gupta@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Jiji Thomson Officer on Special Duty   jiji.thomson@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr.Sanjeev Mittal Officer on Special Duty 24500460 sanjiv.mittal@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. M. Jeychandren Officer on Special Duty (Revenue & Taxation) 24500503 m.jeychanderen@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. T. S. Darbari JDG (Revenue, Marketing & Chairman Secretariat) 24500411 ts.darbari@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Anil Kumar Saxena JDG (Venue Development & Operations) 24500410 ak.saxena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. R. K. Sacheti JDG (Coordination) 24500511 rk.sacheti@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. A. S. V. Prasad JDG (Sport) 24500521 asv.prasad@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. B. B. Kaura JDG (Protocol & Chairman's Secretariat) 24500568 bb.kaura@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. N. P. Singh JDG (Workforce and Administration) 24500408 np.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Harsh Kumar JDG (Technology)   jdg.technology@cwgdelhi2010.org
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) S.P.S. Dhillon JDG (Chairman Secretariat)    
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raj Kadyan ADG (Ceremonies) 24500523 raj.kadyan@cwgdelhi2010.org
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ashok Vasudeva ADG (Chairman’s Office) 24500465 ashok.vasudeva@cwgdelhi2010.org
Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ashok Kapur ADG (Games Village) 24500517 ashok.kapur@cwgdelhi2010.org
Group Captain K. U. K. Reddy ADG (Finance) 24500475 kuk.reddy@cwgdelhi2010.org
Ms. Sangeeta Welinkar ADG (Chairman’s Office and Image & Look) 24500412 sangeeta.w@cwgdelhi2010.org
Ms. Priya Singh Paul ADG (Communications) 24500447 priya.paul@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. V. K. Saksena ADG (Revenue) 24500530 vk.saksena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Govardhan Sharma ADG (Broadcasting)    
Ms. Gurjot Kaur Chief Vigilance Officer   gurjot.kaur@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Ved Prakash Gupta ADG (SG's Office)    
Mr. Peter Stewart ADG (Games Services)   peter.stewart@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Abhilaksh Likhi ADG (Broadcasting)    
Ms. Purnima Pendse ADG (Ceremonies, QBR, Media & PR) 24500548 purnima.pendse@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Ram Mohan ADG (Legal) 24500540 ram.mohan@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Ashok Kumar Rastogi ADG (Technology)    
Mr. Ashok Juneja ADG (Security)   ashok.juneja@cwgdelhi2010.org
Functional Area and its Head
Functional Area FA Head Contacts Email
Accommodation Ms. Moti Irani 24500459 moti.irani@cwgdelhi2010.org
Accredition Mr. R.K. Sacheti 24500511 rk.sacheti@cwgdelhi2010.org
Broadcasting Mr. Goverdhan Sharma 24500512 govardhan.sharma@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Abhilaksh Likhi   abhilaksh.likhi@cwgdelhi2010.org
Catering Ms. Sharayu Almelkar   sharayu.almelkar@cwgdelhi2010.org
Ceremonies Mrs. Shovana Narayan 24500409 shovana.narayan@cwgdelhi2010.org
CGA Relations Mr. Sudhir Mittal 24500489 sudhir.mittal@cwgdelhi2010.org
Co-ordination & Govt Relation Mr. R.K. Sacheti 24500511 rk.sacheti@cwgdelhi2010.org
Cleaning and Waste Management Mr. A. K. Chaturvedi   ak.chaturvedi@cwgdelhi2010.org
Communications Ms. Priya Singh Paul 24500447 priya.paul@cwgdelhi2010.org
Finance & Accounts Mr. K. U. K. Reddy   kuk.reddy@cwgdelhi2010.org
Games Services Mr. Peter Stewart   peter.stewart@cwgdelhi2010.org
Games Village Development and Operation Lt. Gen Ashok Kapur (Retd) 24500465 ashok.kapur@cwgdelhi2010.org
Imange and Look Ms. Sangeeta Wellinkar 24500544 sangeeta.w@cwgdelhi2010.org
Legacy Mr. R. K. Sacheti 24500511 rk.sacheti@cwgdelhi2010.org
Legal Mr. Ram Mohan 24500540 ram.mohan@cwgdelhi2010.org
Legal Mr. Stuart Corbishley 23483655 stuart.corbishley@cwgdelhi2010.org
Logistics Mr. Ashish Kumar   ashish.kumar@cwgdelhi2010.org
Medical & Doping Control Mr. A. K. Mendiratta(Medical) 24500553 ak.mendiratta@cwgdelhi2010.org
Mr. Munish Chander(Doping) 24500501 munish.chander@cwgdelhi2010.org
Merchandising & Licensing Mr. M. Jeychandren 24500503 m.jeychandren@cwgdelhi2010.org
Office Adminstration Mr. N. P. Singh 24500408 np.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org
Press Operations Mr. Manish Kumar 23483808 m_kumar@cwgdelhi2010.org
Procurement Mr. Sanjiv Mittal 24500460 sanjiv.mittal@cwgdelhi2010.org
Protocol Mr. B. B. Kaura 24500568 bb.kaura@cwgdelhi2010.org
PSU Mr. V. K. Saksena 24500530 vk.saksena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Queen's Baton Relay Lt. Gen Raj Kadyan (Retd.) 24500523 raj.kadyan@cwgdelhi2010.org
Revenue Mr.V.K.Saksena 24500530 vk.saksena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Security Mr. Ashok Juneja   ashok.juneja@cwgdelhi2010.org
Spectator Services Mr. G. G. Dwivedi   gg.dwivedi@cwgdelhi2010.org
Sponsorship Mr. T. S. Darbari 24500411 ts.darbari@cwgdelhi2010.org
Sports Mr. ASV Prasad 24500521 asv.prasad@cwgdelhi2010.org
Sustainability & Environment Mr. N.P.Singh 24500408 np.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org
Technology Mr. Harsh Kumar 24500420 jdg.technology@cwgdelhi2010.org
Ticketing Mr. Sanjiv Mittal 24500460 sanjiv.mittal@cwgdelhi2010.org
Transportation Dr. Ashish Kumar   ashish.kumar@cwgdelhi2010.org
TV Rights Mr. V. K. Saksena 24500530 vk.saksena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Venue Development & Operations Mr. A. K. Saxena 24500410 ak.saxena@cwgdelhi2010.org
Vigilance Cell Ms. Gurjot Kaur   gurjot.kaur@cwgdelhi2010.org
Workforce Mr. N. P. Singh 24500408 np.singh@cwgdelhi2010.org