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The Delhi XIX Commonwealth Games are now over. This website is closed and for reference purposes only. Some external links may no longer work.
For the latest news and information, please visit the Commonwealth Games Federation website.

Dos and Don'ts

Spectator Tips
Ensure that your tickets are valid for the correct venue, session, date and time
Plan your trip ahead of time so that you don’t miss the start of a competition and have adequate time to get to your seats. Take note of the traffic information to ensure that you reach the venue on time
Due to a large number of spectators entering the venue, be prepared to wait in a queue
Undergo a soft ticket check on approach to the pedestrian screening areas
Be prepared and dress appropriately according to the weather forecast
Since re-entry is not allowed, please ensure that you are carrying all your essential items in accordance with the directions given by Delhi Police with reference to the Prohibited Items List. Please note that there is no storage facility for personal belongings at the venues
Do not question, argue or misbehave with any police officer on duty. Do not show any dissent
Do not carry food or beverages (except baby food and medication, which can be proven with appropriate documents) brought from outside the venue .They can be purchased at concessionaire stalls within the venues
Signage will be put up to help you move in and around the venue with ease
Follow directions in respect of venue code of conduct and house rules
Follow the instructions of ushers present to guide you through the venue
Spectators with special needs will be moved in through a separate queue/gate
Once the event is over or during the unlikely event of an emergency, you are requested to follow the instructions of the staff for a safe and smooth exit

Prohibited Items
Alcohol Match boxes/lighters
Bottles Cigarettes/bidis
Cans Inflammable items
Chair(s)/ tool(s) Chewing tobacco/Gutka
Replica firearms/toy guns Knives/daggers/swords/scissors/box cutters
Eatables (except baby food)Sharp/pointed edge materials
Dangerous goods Handbags/briefcase/ladies handbags except of reasonable size
Fireworks/crackers Umbrellas
Flares/distress signals Handicams
Glass containers Laptops
Backpacks Sprays (except medical inhalers)
Laser lights/pointers/flash lights Perfume
Musical instruments Packets/parcels/torn-up papers
Roller blades Balloons
Radio frequency devices Loud hailers/whistles/shorns
Wooden sticks (lathi), hockey sticks other than participantsSporting balls
Coins (all kinds) Promotional products
Electronic equipment that could interfere with the electronic signal of the Games Animals
Smoke canistersFlags and/with poles
Dartsorbike helmets

Besides this
Any article that might be used as a weapon deemed to be offensive or abusive or which may compromise public safety will be confiscated
Any other item that could cause harm or can be used as a missile/projectile, damage or cause public nuisance, as determined by the Delhi Police based on specific threat perception, could be prohibited
No facility to keep these items at the entry point has been provided

Prohibited Behaviour
The following actions are not permitted in and around the venue:
Post, stick or place any poster, placard, bill, banner, print, paper or advertising material on any building, structure, fence, tree or cordon without the prior written consent/permission of the venue owner
Distribute any printed or visual matter, display or promote any advertising samples of goods or services or any other matter or thing, without the prior written consent/permission of the venue owner
Misuse, deface, damage, remove, or tamper with any other facility or area used for the Games
Block any thoroughfare including, stairs, steps, pedestrian ramps, aisle, walk-way, foot over-bridge, underpass, passage, entry or exit
Throw or attempt to throw any stone, bottle, projectile or other objects, within the spectator’s area or in the field of play
Disrupt, interrupt or behave in any manner that may disrupt or interrupt any session of the Game, event or activity, distract or hinder or interfere with an athlete, interfere with the comfort of other patrons or their enjoyment of the Games
Use of threatening, racial, abusive, indecent/obscene acts, slogans or violent/behaviour is strictly forbidden and will result in detention or ejection from the venue
Spitting, urinating or defecating other than the place/facility earmarked for that purpose
Interfere with, obstruct or hinder security operations and police personnel on duty in the exercise of his or her functions or duties
Conduct public surveys, solicit money, donations or subscriptions from members of the public
Bring prams or pushers into a seating area, or any other area specified by the venue manager